"I was looking for a unique tie. I googled "unique luxury tie" and found your site.. I love the design and the one I ordered is exactly what I am looking for.

Thanks again"

~ Priscilla

"I just received my package today of the two bowties I ordered last week. They are absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to wear them! Thank you so much for offering custom, handmade, quality material in an age of cheap commoditization.

FYI to answer your question, I found your website through Google. I typed in handmade bowties, and your website appeared within the top 10 links. After looking at and comparing a handful of companies, it was clear that your design and quality really stood out. Original, eye-catching, and "lush".

If I or any friends are in the need of a bowtie, I will most definitely send them your way.

All the best for a successful future."

~ Gary


Posted on February 24, 2014 by Clarity Ellie

Why do women have to be the primary focus of red carpet looks?

I, for one, would like the men to also bring their A game to the red rug. Plain black suits just ain’t cuttin’ it! That’s why we teamed up with luxury bespoke bow tie maker L ‘a Barr from Bitchin Bowties to give you a VIP tour of her rockin’ looks that would give the most fashionable women red carpet envy.

Her one of a kind bows are delicately made with such sophistication They are classy with a rockin’ edge. We haven’t seen anything out there like them. What we loved most about the ties is its versatility. These neck accents have definitely added a flair to my wardrobe, and I have even been stopped on the street for admiration. Dressed up or dressed down, they are definitely a statement piece that will give people something to talk about.