About L 'a Barr, Luxury Handmade
    bow ties, neck ties, self tie bow ties, boys bow ties, custom cummerbunds

Brown Silk Taffeta/Blue Bias Fringe Bow Tie
Let me introduce you to L'a (Ella) Barr Mens and Boys Bow Ties, Neck Ties, Self Tie Bow Ties and Custom Cummerbunds.
I see each bow tie and neck tie as a canvas and I am the artist! This is my passion! My commitment is to make nothing but Bitchinbowties!

I studied dressmaking and design in high school and started sewing at age fourteen. After high school I did some modeling and decided to attend FIT in NYC.  I studied pattern making and grading.  

I had an intuitive thought about 2 years ago that I should start making neck ties. Go figure! Today I know why! I enjoy making each tie.  For me I know that this is my calling! From the pictures in my mind to the selection of fabrics, It is just a blast! Please take a look at the black Kangaroo leather neck tie with the French lace! My good friend M Cohen's idea. We've tried to offer a wide selection of black neck ties, self tie bow ties, boys bow ties, and custom cummerbund for any special occasion. You can also find our ties in some of the Specialty stores around town! We are also carried in GREGORY'S Beverly Hills CA, Atlanta GA, Dallas and Huston TX.
Boy, was I excited when Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants bought one of my ties. Fun, fun, fun!

Because of the amount of work that goes into each tie, especially the neck ties, and the self tie bow ties, there is limited quantity of each style.  We will not mass produce any of our ties! Each of our neck ties is hand made with neck tie filler from Italy. Lots of love goes into each of our ties. 
 We've set out to make something bold, fun and beautiful.  In making the self tie bow ties, I've had to  learn how to tie them.  When looking at an illustration of how to tie the self tie bow tie, they could be very confusing. I was surprised to find that the self tie bow ties are tied the same as shoes laces except the longer side must hang 1 1/2" longer when starting out.
My love of fine fabrics and my dedication to high quality workmanship led me to men’s handmade neck ties, bow ties, self tie bow ties, custom cummerbunds and boys bow ties.  I had never considered working on men's neck ties before! The though was sudden! I would use Italian fabrics, French Lace, embellish some of the neck ties with precious metals, stones, and of course Made in the USA!

Black Gun and Rose Bow Tie
My journey has not been an easy one, but it is fun!  All of the metal pieces for my neck ties and bow ties are made by M. Cohen.  I feel a great debt of gratitude for all of the help Maor has given me! It is rare today to meet someone that is so kind, secure, and talented! He has given me great ideas on some of my ties! One of my favorite is the Skinny Black Kangaroo Leather Neck Tie with torn lace overlay and the sterling silver skulls.  Just the fact that he loves my neck ties and bow ties inspires me.  

The black bow tie on the left has been one of a success so far! The silver pieces on the bow ties and neck ties are detachable and can be worn on a jacket lapel or wherever you choose.   Our hope is that you find our selection of bow ties, neck ties, self tie bow ties, bespoke cummerbunds, and boys bow ties just what you were looking for and feel the love from us to you!  We would love hearing feed back from you on our ties!  

 As a women, I find that the bow ties look great on me also! I am always getting compliments when I wear one!  You can also wear the self tie bow ties untied. Looks great! Not my idea! I saw Jayzee and Justin Timberlake wearing the self tie bow tie that way! I'm just sayin! Have at it! Remember, it's all about feeling fabulous, looking great and having fun when you wear one of our ties! 

Thanks to all of you who had a part in this!
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