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Specialty Store of Luxury Handmade bow ties, neck ties, self tie bow ties, custom cummerbunds and boy bow ties.  We also offer a variety of skinny neck ties and black bow ties.  Each tie was designed to be a compliment to your neck!  There is nothing here that you'll fine in any other store. So if you're looking for a neck tie, bow tie, bespoke cummerbund or boys bow tie that is very different from the norm, then you are in the right placeI Our self tie bow ties are for any occasion.  All made in the USA! Visit often, we're always adding new products! 
We hope that you make our bow ties, neck ties, bespoke cummerbunds and boys bow ties your home of choice when you think, what would look great with that shirt or suit? We have worked very hard to give you a wide selection of ties! For sure you will be ask,"where did you get that neck tie or bow tie"? 
In our research we have found that many of you like self tie bow ties! So shop and have your beautiful neck the focus when you walk into any room!

We've decided to add two new lines to our list of categories.  Bespoke cummerbunds and BUDDY'S BOW TIES FOR BOYS.  As with our men's line, the same passion and fun goes into our custom cummerbunds and our boys bow ties! Each of our boys bow ties has a boys name! If you don't see a name, and would like to have one added, just send us an email! We ship each boys bow tie with a little surprise in the box to make it fun for him.

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